For those of you who have never attended the Miss Navajo Coronation, it is preceded by the Night Performance, a selection of Native dances from tribes in the southwest region & beyond. Performances in this clip include The Nááts'íílid Dance group performing the Navajo Harvest Dance, Dancers from Zuni Pueblo, Talibah Begay singing Justin Boots, The Pollen Trail Dancers, & Joe Tohonnie, Jr., accompanied by Apache Crown Dancers. Following this is the announcement of the winner of the Miss Navajo pageant. Who will win Jonathea Tso's crown? Will it be Yolanda Charley, Danielle Goldtooth, Latasha Tom, or Rikki Jane Watchman? Find out at the end of this clip. The coronation was held at the Dean C. Jackson Memorial arena in Window Rock, AZ. Languages spoken include Navajo & English.

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2021-10-30 22:56:53