Since it is the day after the Super Bowl, here is a couple of words on how to talk about the outcome of the game. Since yesterday, you learned "they are going to play" or "they are playing," this video shows how to say "they played." Today's Navajo Word of the Day is "nídaazne'," which means "they played." To use it in a sentence, you would say, "Giants éí Patriots yik'iji̜' nídaazne'," which means, "The Giants played against the Patriots." The breakdown: Giants Éí: them Patriots Yik'iji̜': against them Nídaazne': they played As additional phrases, I also teach the words "dahoneezná" and "baa honeezná." "Dahoneezná" means "they won!" "Baa honeezná" means "they lost!" You can use these phrases to say, "Giants dahoneezná," which means, "The Giants won!" You can also use them to say, "Patriots baa honeezná," which means, "The Patriots lost!" Sorry... lol, enjoy & happy learning!

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2021-10-30 22:56:45