This is the lyrics, in the Navajo language, to another patriotic song, "America, The Beautiful." It was written by Katharine Lee Bates and published in 1895. It was later set to music by Samuel A. Ward. The song presented here is sung by The Fruitland Gospel Trio, featuring Pastor Daniel Smiley. There is another version of this song in Navajo by recording artist Radmilla A. Cody, former Miss Navajo Nation (1997-1998). The lyrics sung by Radmilla Cody differ from those presented here. This song is available on the album "Keeping Christ in Christmas - Navajo Christmas Hymns," by the Fruitland Gospel Trio. The alternative version by Radmilla Cody is available on her album entitled "Seed of Life." The lyrics to that version are provided on the cover of that CD. The lyrics here are not only intended to teach the song, but to also help learn the meaning of the words to the song. Again, a translation of the Navajo word or words in English is written below each word. This is just but one version of translation in that one Navajo word can mean many different things when translated to English. To all the soldiers who are stationed here in the U.S. or overseas, may God bless you and may this song bless you wherever you are. I hope this song adds to your celebrations this 4th of July.

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