JW.ORG is the world's most translated website. It is hosted and contains material, currently, in 905 languages, making it the most language-represented website in the world. If you compare that to: UN.org - 6 languages endangeredlanguages.com - 7 languages (for users) Vatican.va - 7 languages Facebook - 109 languages Google - 147 languages JW.org - 905 languages The purpose of JW.org is to make the bible and its message available to as many as possible. The site contains answers to the most common and frequently asked questions about God, the Bible, the purpose of life, etc. There are features for parents, teens and younger children that help to promote peaceful relations, manners, morality and self respect. The site contains downloadable material in over 900 languages, as well as being able to request printed material in over 750 languages. Audio and video material is accessible in scores of languages. Music, animations, as well as documentaries and feature films are also available for download. It is possibly the most comprehensive website for Bible education and family life on the planet. It is deserving of a visit even if only out of respect for the effort that has gone in to making it so accessible for so many language groups. https://www.jw.org/en/

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2021-10-30 23:01:02