This is the recording of one of several cultural myths told by the last Xinkan speakers. This myth, in particular, relates the mythical birth of Tuuru' the cultural hero of the Xinkans. It begins with a man and a pregnant woman. Everyday, the man goes to collect zapote from the jungle, eating the very best fruit he finds; he brings back only one zapote to the woman, who complains that her share is not enough. Using some ingenuity, the woman ties a string to the man's belt as he is leaving to the jungle the next day. When she is sure it is safe she uses the thread to track the man down. She finds him in a tree gorging on zapotes. She aks for one and the man is angry about her trick he throws one down and kills her. He immediately regrets his action and buries the woman. Upon returning the next day to the site of the grave, however, he instead finds 13 small house-like caves. A few days later sons emerge from these caves and the youngest, Tuuru' leads the others to torment the man.

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