Manuscript copy by C. Hermann Berendt of the second edition of Levanto's Cathecismo, printed in 1776, including facsimile title page in pencil, Levanto's note to the reader, the Cathecismo, Explicacion, and Mysterios del Santísimo Rosario, but lacking some of the printed edition's front matter. Where Levanto's Explicacion de la doctrina christiana is printed in double columns for Spanish and Zapotec, Berendt places the translations on facing pages, Spanish on the left and Zapotec on the right. Berendt's attribution of the Mysterios del Santisimo Rosario to Fr. Jacinto Vilches is not in the printed edition. Contents includes texts of prayers (Lord's prayer, Ave Maria, Apostles' Creed); lists of the ten commandments, articles of faith, and virtues and vices; an explication of Catholic faith in the form of a catechism; and prayers on the mysteries of the Rosary.

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