Through vivid photography, this coffee-table book documents the physical and cultural changes and persistence that have taken place over the past forty-two years among an endangered, formerly semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer people group of Nepal. The Chepang, often characterized as the poorest of Nepal’s poor, are a Tibeto-Burman group numbering around fifty-two thousand who inhabiting a rugged and sparsely populated area of the mid-hills of central Nepal. Photos include those taken by the Caughleys between 1968 and 1976, images captured by the Beines beginning in 1998, photos taken by Dwarika Shrestha from 2001 onward and recent photos shot on literature distribution treks taken together by the authors in 2010 and 2011. Although it is evident that much has changed in 42 years (and mainly for the positive), it is also certain that much has remained the same for the Chepang of Nepal. Book features pictures of Chepang literacy materials (utilizing Devanagari script).

Language, Culture and Art
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2021-10-30 22:58:26