In this video, I'm singing another one of my favorite hymnals, "His Eye is on the Sparrow (Tsídii Yik'i Déez'íí')," written by Civilla D. Martin in 1905, music by Charles H. Gabriel, and translated into the Navajo Language by the Navajo Hymnal Committeee. To see the lyrics, you have to have annotations turned on! Below the Navajo lyrics are a literal translation of the words into English, rather than a re-iteration of the English lyrics. This song was made more popular when it was sung by Lauryn Hill & Tanya Blount in the movie "Sister Act 2." Too bad I can't sing it that well. Hopefully, I'll hear one of you guys post a better rendition in Navajo better than I can on YouTube (hint, hint to the Robinson Joneses and Jason Yazzies out there). Unfortunately, I didn't sing all the words to this song and I repeated the first verse and chorus in English. Most people don't sing all the words to this song... except for Daniel Smiley. Regardless, the lyrics in their entirety in Navajo are located in the songbook "Jesus Woodláájí Sin." Thanks to Timothy Oliver for playing the piano for me. You're awesome, and a tool for Christ. You are tool, Tim... you're such a tool! :-) Again, the purpose of posting these vids is to hopefully inspire you Christian Navajos all over the rez, from Castle Butte to Montezuma Creek from Alamo to Ramah, to be inspired to learn these songs sung by our Christian ancestors. We have this rich heritage of gospel music in Navajo and I would hate to see it die way. Enjoy, God Bless, & Happy Palm Sunday!

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