In this video, choir members from the Lily of the Valley Church are singing the song, "How the Fire Fell (Níłch'i Bee Shi'doolzíí')," written by Miriam E. Oatman and translated into the Navajo Language by Florence Yazzie. Lily of the Valley Church is located in Red Valley, AZ. The pastor is David Nakai. In this video, he is the one playing the piano. The lyrics for this song are available. To see these lyrics, you have to have annotations turned on! Below the Navajo lyrics are a literal translation of the words into English, rather than a re-iteration of the English lyrics. This church was invited to our church, Tsaile Community Church, and their choir sang this song in Navajo. the lyrics to this song are available in their entirety in the songbook "Jesus Wóódláájí Sin, Navajo Hymns of Faith," on page 99.

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