This video shows how to play the card game "Navajo 10's." Some people merely call this game "Tens." It's older English name is "Navajo Way." This is a popular game still played on the Navajo reservation. It is played by adults & children alike. It is played during holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. Or, it is played just to pass the time. It goes by either the name "Neeznáá Dah Yíjihí" or "Da'aka' " in the Navajo language. To play the game, it's a little hard to describe & the best way to learn this game is make some friends who know how to play the game & just join in. For those who don't have Navajo friends who know the game... I hope this video helps. It was a hard video to organize... teaching card games, or any game by video, is difficult... :-) The gist of the rules are: 1. Grab two decks of cards. 2. Remove the 8s, 9s, & 10s. 3. Shuffle & cut the deck. 4. Deal out 10 cards per player. 5. Draw one card from the pile. 6. Either immediately use it or discard it if you won't use it. To use it, lay down a run of 3 or more or lay down 3 of a kind or more. 7. If you use it, discard another unwanted card. If you can't use it, discard it. 8. The next player can use the discarded card or can draw a new one. Another player can also use the discarded card, skipping other players ahead of him or her. The players ahead then lose their round. 9. Continue to drop down cards in threes or add to existing cards on the table. 10. The person who lays down 11 cards first wins. That's the gist told in 10 simple rules... kinda simple! I hear it is similar to playing Gin Rummy, but without keeping score... but I never played Gin Rummy so I wouldn't know. If you need more instruction, I hope this video helps out! Send me comments... positive or negative! For those who watch the additional clips @ the end... lol, that was all said in good jest. We don't hate on any1 from Kayenta or Tuba City! :-) Enjoy

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2021-10-30 22:56:44