A YouTube subscriber had asked me to pronounce the names of the Sacred Mountains in Navajo. So in this video, I not only pronounce the names of the Four Sacred Mountains & the two inner sacred mountains, but I also give a little explanation on the meaning of the names. The Four Sacred Mountains are: Sis Naajiní (Mount Blanca) Tsoodził (Mount Taylor) Dook'o'oosłííd (San Francisco Peaks) Dibé Nitsaa (Hesperus Peaks) Included is a brief mention on how one of the names of the mountains may be derived from older Navajo words similar to current words by the Chipewyan(Denésoliné or Dënesųłiné) Dene aboriginal peoples of Canada. Included is a mention to the lesser commonly known but culturally significant mountains within the Four Sacred Mountains, Dził Ná'oodiłii (Huerfano Mesa) and Ch'óol'í̜'í (Gobernador Knob). A little explanation of the cultural significance of Dził Ná'oodiłii as the home of Áłtsé Hastiin (First Man) & Áłtsé Asdzáán (First Woman), and Ch'óol'í̜'í, the birth-place of Asdzáá Nádleehí (Changing Woman) or Yoołgai Asdzáá (White Shell Woman), is mentioned. I hope you enjoy this and keep on learning! :-D Thanks to Joe Schelling & Jonathan Wilson for allowing me to use your pictures in my video! Thanks!

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