This video shows you how to say all the basic colors in the Navajo Language. These are the following words included in the video: Łichíí': Red Łitso: Yellow Yéego Łitso: Orange Łitsxo: Orange Ch'ilgo Dootł'izh: Green (Plant Green) Tátł'idgo Dootł'izh: Green (Algae Green) Yágo Dootł'izh: Blue (Sky Blue) Tsédídééh: Purple Dibéłchí'í: Brown Łizhin: Black This video also shows how to say some other complimentary phrases, like: Díí hait'áo naashch'a̜a̜'? What color is this? Díí éí ch'ilgo dootł'izh. This is green. Enjoy & I hope you learn a lot from this video! :-D

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2021-10-30 22:56:46