I know videos showing how to count the numbers in the Navajo language have already been posted. Such videos have been made by NavajoNowTV, Zhoni2004, & by FREED0MRISING! Here's a huge "Ahéhee Nitsaago!" Thanks for all your efforts in teaching the Navajo language. For completeness, I included this topic on my channel. I know it's redundant but in case you want another video, here it is. These are the numbers: Názba̜s/Ádin: Zero T'ááłá'í: One Naaki: Two Táá': Three Dí̜í̜': Four Ashdla': Five Hastá̜á̜: Six Tsosts'id: Seven Tseebíí: Eight Náhást'éí: Nine Neeznáá: Ten In the last video going over colors, I left off the word for white, which is "łigai." I included it at the end. Thanks to OnlyYouCanBeYou for notifying me of this! :-D

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2021-10-30 22:56:46