This video is the last video in the numbers series. Rather than stretching the lessons on, I figured I'd get the numbers done in one because after the basic number pattern is understood, the rest is easy to learn. I begin with showing how to say the numbers in tens first: Neeznáá (Ten) Naadiin (Twenty) Tádiin (Thirty) Dízdiin (Forty) Ashdladiin (Fifty) Hastádiin (Sixty) Tsosts'idiin (Seventy) Tseebídiin (Eighty) Náhást'éídiin (Ninety) T'ááłáhídi neeznádiin (100) After this concept is introduced, then I show how the numbering system works after 20: Naadiin (Twenty) Naadiin T'ááłá'í (Twenty One) Naadiin Naaki (Twenty Two) Naadiin Táá' (Twenty Three) Naadiin Dí̜í̜' (Twenty Four) Naadiin Ashdla' (Twenty Five) Naadiin Hastá̜á̜ (Twenty Six) Naadiin Tsosts'id (Twenty Seven) Naadiin Tseebíí (Twenty Eight) Naadiin Náhást'éí (Twenty Nine) After the number thirty, the additional phrase "dóó bi'aan, " which me

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