Kirat or Kirati (also spelled as Kirant and Kiranti) are indigenous ethnic groups of the Himalayas (mid-hills) extending eastward from Nepal into India, Burma and beyond. They migrated to their present locations via Assam, Burma, Tibet and Yunnan in ancient times. Prototype Tibeto-Burmans originated in the Yellow River basin around 10,000 - 30,000 years ago. Broadly speaking, the Kirat people are of Rai, Limbu, Dewan, Sunwar and other related mongoloid ethnic groups. [1] Dr. Anatoly Yakoblave Shetenko, while on an archaeological study programme between Nepal and USSR, uncovered Kirat stone age tools and other artefacts from circa 30,000 B.C.[2] Although only the Sunuwar (the people who inhabit the region westward of River Sun Koshi),Khumbu or Khambu (also known as Rai), Limbu (also known as Yakthumba or Subba) and Yakkha (also known as Dewan or Zimdar) are generally called Kirati, the vast majority of ethnic people of the region eastward of Nepal too call themselves as Kirati. Their la

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