As a Staff Pharmacist at Tsaile Health Center, I am very concerned with the elderly patients that I treat & want to give them the best treatment & care. I know that working with the healthcare system on the Navajo reservation, a lot of Navajo-only speaking elderly patients have difficulty communicating with non-speaking healthcare workers. This problem is also amplified when there are temporary or locum healthcare providers who don't understand Navajo. This video is intended for the Traveling Nurse, permanent-hire Nurse, Nurse Aide, or Nursing Assistant who wants to learn some initial Navajo language skills to help the Navajo-only speaking patients on the Navajo reservation. This video is not intended to help with conversational Navajo & patient assessment but to help with teaching simple commands that will guide the elderly patient through the Triage portion of their Outpatient Visit if there is no Navajo Interpreter available. This video is very different from other videos I've generated and am considering doing more healthcare-related videos. For those of you who are merely interested in the Navajo language, these phrases will also show you the difficulty Nursing Staff have in relaying simple but critical information to the Navajo people. Enjoy & have fun learning. Thanks to Ernestine Sandoval (NA), Michelley Jackson (RN), Alta Begay (Community Health Representative, Wheatfields Chapter), & other staff at Tsaile Health Center who were helpful & instrumental in helping me put this video together! Ahéhee' (Thanks)!

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2021-10-30 22:56:45