Here are the lyrics to that song that we were taught in Pre-School or Kindergarten, in the Navajo language. You would know this song if you went to school on the Navajo Rez in the 70's or 80's. I don't know if this song is still being taught. Hopefully, this will provide some warm or fond memories. I've provided lyrics to the song along with a literal translation into English of what the words are saying. For those of you teachers or child-care workers who live & work off the reservation and want to teach your students a Native American song, this is one song you can teach your students without offending anyone. Enjoy! This is a pic of my real dog Kii (pronounced like key as in key chain), which means "Boy" in Navajo. Some people when they sing this song substitute the name Kiizh, which is short for Łikizh or "Spotty." My pup can go by either name!

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