This song has the lyrics to the childhood song, "Old MacDonald Had A Farm," in the Western Apache Language. This song is sung by Bonnie Lewis, and translated into the Western Apache Language by Bonnie Lewis, entitled "Hastiin McDonald" in Apache. Now, I don't speak Western Apache. I speak a similar language, called Navajo. It is a sister language to Western Apache language & some of the words sound similar if not identical. Some words are totally unfamiliar. The words posted are my understanding of the Apache language based on how it sounds with my Navajo ears! lol! I intended to post this yesterday, for Thanksgiving so people could enjoy it during the Thanksgiving holiday, to hear a common song sung in a Native American language. Regardless, better late than never, so enjoy! :-) Note: if anyone of you speaks Western Apache & they want to correct any mistakes, feel free to send me corrections! I don't know how to write in Apache and did my best! I hope y'all enjoy this!

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2021-10-30 22:56:47