"A 2013 campaign by the Darai Indigenous Society, Nepal for the preservation of the Darai language" Darai indigenous peoples speak Darai language in Nepal. Darai language is one of the minority language with a least number of speakers in Nepal . The name of the language is Darai which is the only known name in current usage in Nepal. It is an Indo Aryan in the language family. Darai is one of the nationalities of Nepal. Darai is an ethnic group. Darai caste is one of marginalised Group of Indigenous in Nepal. They are the Indigenous people of Nepal since long . Total number of Darai ethnic is 14,859 in Nepal, according to Census 2001.They speak 'Darai' language as their mother tongue. 10,210 Darai people speak their Darai language in Nepal. The greatest number of them have been living in the inner Nepal for several thousand years. Most of this people live in Chitwan, Tanhun, Nawalparasi, Gorkha, Palpa and Dhading .

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