This is Part Four, the final conclusion to the traditional Navajo story of the hero twins, Monster Slayer (Naayéé' Neizghání) and Born For Water (Tó Bá Jíshchíní). These are the two twin sons of Changing Woman (Asdzáá Nádleehí). It's a classic Navajo story told for hundreds of years. This final conclusion tells the story of how the twins left their father, the Sun (Jóhonaa'éí), with the Lightening Arrows (Atsiniltł'ish K'aa') to kill the various monsters (Naayéé'). This video includes how they killed Giant (Yé'iitsoh), Tsé Nináhálééh (the Male and Female Bird Monsters), Déélgééd (Horned Monster), and Tsé Dahódzííłtáłii (Kicking Monster), and others. The story ends with how the Enemy Way Ceremony originated. The original story told by the elders is a long story with a lot of details. The version given in this video is a very abbreviated version, told by Marilyn Dempsey, a Navajo Cuture Teacher at Oak Springs, AZ. This story was published in the Navajo Times, Thursday, February 25, 2010, in the section "Ti̜'! Diné Bizaad Bee Yádeilti̜' Dooleeł! Let's Go Speak Navajo!" Again, these stories are only told during the winter. Please show some cultural sensitivity to those who are traditional & refrain from sharing these stories in the summer months! Thanks! :-)

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