This video describes the various ways to stretch the muscles of the body before exercising in the Navajo language. The video is entirely in Navajo, with subtitles in both the Navajo & English languages. Note: English subtitiles are included if you have little to no understanding of the Navajo language, but annotations must be set to ON to see the subtitles! In making this video, we are not athletic trainers, physical therapists, or experts in the field muscle or strength training. This video is meant to give an example of how it would sound to describe these stretching techniques in Navajo. Though the "Just Move It" season is over, there is no reason why we can't jog out on the rez roads, right? Hopefully you find this video helpful in learning these suggested terminology associated with stretching exercises. This video also includes how to say numbers and parts of the human body in Navajo. Enjoy!

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2021-10-30 22:56:51