This is the continuation, Part 2, to the radio broadcast of the swine flu, or H1N1 virus, broadacasted on KTNN's Focus Program on May 1, 2009, translated from the Navajo to the English language. The report is given by Selena Many Children, from the Navajo Nation Division of Health; & May Wero, of Navajo Nation Health Education. The Focus Program Report is aired during the week-days on KTNN AM 660 at 7:30 AM in Navajo and 7:50 AM in English. This video is meant to provide information on the H1N1 virus and also to give a sample of the Navajo language, and also to provide context for healthcare related terms The english translation provided is a broad translation, since Navajo is such a detailed language that more is said than is translated into English. KTNN is a radio station that broadcasts onto the Navajo Indian Reservation, on the AM 660 dial. It can also be heard on the internet at .The languages spoken are Navajo & English. Included at the end is the commercial for the sponsor of the Focus Program, the Southwest Navajo Tobacco Education Prevention Project.

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