This video provides the lyrics to the popular Christmas carol, "The First Noel," which dates back to the 16th century. The person responsible for translating this song into the Navajo language is unknown. It is entitled, "Áłtsé Baa Hózhóonii" in Navajo. An alternative translation exist, translated by Dr. Katherine Duncum. It is sung in the Navajo language by The Fruitland Gospel Trio, featuring Pastor Daniel Smiley. The literal translation of each word or words below the Navajo words is provided in English to help learn the words to the song. Note: some parts of the lyrics differ from the song because I couldn't fiure out what Navajo Words they used in the song so I put in alternative words that have similar syllable count & conveys the same general meaning of the song. The CD is entitled "Keeping Christ in Christmas - Navajo Christmas Hymns." Enjoy & Yá'át'ééh Késhmish (Merry Christmas)!

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2021-10-30 22:56:46