Again, Navajo language is only useful when it is utilized. It's nice to know how to say animal names, know the colors, numbers, etc., but they are only useful when used in sentences. This short video sort of integrates all you learned on numbers, animals, and colors, if you had watched those videos & practiced. This video teaches how to say in Navajo, "How many do you see? Dikwíí lá̜ yíní'í̜?" It also tells you how to respond properly & numerically to this question. Also, this video teaches how to say, "Is this animal such & such color?" and teaches how to respond appropriately. Another YouTube subscriber asked a question on how is pluralization of animals done? This video at the end touches on that. Again, any questions, hit me up with them & I hope you learn more from this video! :-)

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2021-10-30 22:56:45