This video is being posted in memory of a legendary Navajo (Diné) comedian, singer, & songwriter, the late Vincent Craig, a.k.a. the Mutton Man. Though he is more popularly known for singing "Rita," this song is my favorite song by him! The music is taken from his CD "Yer Jes Somehow," recorded live at San Juan College, in Farmington, NM, in 1998. Craig was originally from Crownpoint, New Mexico, served in the U.S. Marines, and authored a comic strip called "Mutton Man" that ran in the Navajo Times for several years. Vincent Craig passed away at the early age of 59. While I was in college going after my doctorate degree, I found this song very motivating. Vincent Craig not only entertained us with comedy, he reminded us not to forget who we are and were we came from as Native Americans. Craig grew up in a generation that had to learn to deal with social changes brought on when new technology, a language, and culture from our Anglo brothers and sisters came into contact with our Navajo ancestors. He motivated Navajos like me not to forget the struggles my parents and grandparents had to endure for me to enjoy the lifestyle that we have now and the ease with which we live in this country. My prayers go out to his surviving family members, this eve of his funeral.

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2021-10-30 22:56:50