This video provides the lyrics to the hymnal "Zion's Hill (Dził Záíyan)" in the Navajo language. The song was written by James Allen Crutchfield and was translated into the Navajo language by the Navajo Hymnal Committee. The music is provided by Pastor Daniel Smiley from Black Mountain, Arizona. The literal English translation is written below each Navajo word to help learn the words and meaning of the song. Enjoy! Note: Shown in the background of this video is a ledge in a part of Canyon De Chelly called Canyon Del Muerto. The ledge itself is called called Massacre Cave. It is known as Naakai Hojííghání (Spaniard's Masscred) in Navajo. At this spot in 1805, hundreds of Navajos hiding in the ledge died from Spaniards firing shots from the canyon floor. I always thought this song matched the place, fitting as a memory to those who died and it represents trials and hardships of life.

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